May 14, 2012

DUFDN Returns

5/14/2012 — cori
It's been way too long since we celebrated this fun, family tradition.  It's funny how time gets away from you.  But have no fear, Dress Up For Dinner Night is here!  We voted on the theme and "Jobs" ended up winning.  So, without further ado, here we are dressed up in our "Jobs" costumes ready to eat a yummy dinner:

Don't you wish you were sitting at the table eating with thee freaks.

Introducing:  Herb Smiley, the used car salesman.  What makes Herb's outfit special is the fact that he used all his own clothes from his everyday wardrobe.  That takes a special skill to take any thing you own, and put it together in such a way to make you look like an idiot.  Way to go Herb!

I am Edwin the English Detective from 1940's England.  I am sporting my son's blazer and dress shirt, my husband's hat and tie, any thankfully, my own pants.  Chloe let me borrow her notepad with the crayola marker so I could look official writing down my detective findings.  I feel I came across looking a little more like Hiter than Edwin, but oh well....gotta just go with it sometimes.

Gavin asks me, "Mom, can it be a job I read about in a book?"  Naively, I answer, "Sure".  I should have known something was up.  No other job on our planet would suit him.  So he decided to dress up as a Ranger Apprentice.  Apparently this is a viable occupation in some other worlds.

Chloe was all too excited to be Louise the Maid.  She asked me earlier on in the day if maids wore make-up.  I assured her they do.  That's all she needed...she would now be a maid, even though she hates to clean.  But she did inform me that she LOVES to clean rich people's houses because they have cool stuff to look at.

No guessing needed here.  Bennett proudly portrays his alter ego, Bob the Plumber.  Let's just say he has lots of experience in the plumbing department.  No, he didn't grow a beer belly over night.  That is just all the underwear he owns stuffed inside his shirt.  His goal, apparently, is to use underwear in each of the costumes he tries to assemble.  He hasn't failed yet.  At least they weren't on his head this time.

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