Feb 17, 2012

Who Does This?

2/17/2012 — cori
Gavin was antsy waiting for Daddy to get home from work last night.  The sun was going down and he was a man on a mission.  The sun could not go down before his task was done.   We were all hoping Chuck would hurry up and get home so that Gavin would calm down.  The millisecond Chuck's foot stepped through the thresh-hold, Gavin announced, "Okay everybody.  Family meeting outside in the backyard - now!"  This included the neighbor girl who is always with us, whether she liked it or not, she was coming to this family meeting.

What was so important that we all had to congregate in the backyard in freezing temperatures amidst the hazy lighting of dusk?  The Treaty of the North Pole - that's what.

Gavin has spent the past week working out back (not by his own choice - but he came to genuinely love the work and took much ownership in it).  This little plot of land he was working on, he decided to dub "The North Pole".  And because it was now "his", he wanted to layout some guidelines.

I kid you not.  He typed out this "Treaty" in under 15 minutes.  Not once did he consult an actual legal form to find appropriate verbiage.  This came directly out of the depths of his very own brain.  Makes me wonder what other stuff is up there I don't know about (or can't understand):

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