Jun 17, 2013

Indian Names

6/17/2013 — cori
It's that time of year again when we get to go camping.  We found a lovely little marshy, mosquito infested swamp by one of the biggest lakes in Minnesota, Lake Minnetonka, and decided that would be the perfect place to set up camp.  We even paid money to stay there.

Good news...we have upgraded our tent situation from the early days.  Used to be, we all fit snug-as-a-bug in one little tent.  However, that is not the case any longer.  The kids have their own tent these days and the adults have theirs. Life is good this way. The kids won the setting-up-the-tent contest that I didn't realize we were having.  Exhibit A & B are proof.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B
In our defense, this was a brand new tent and the directions were not very helpful.

Proof that we eventually (an hour later) figured the whole thing out.

We found a great little nature center with miles of trails.  They failed to tell us that these trails would be taking us into the depths of mosquito breeding grounds.   We didn't pass one other human soul on our hike.  Apparently, everyone else knows to stay away from this particular area during this particular time of the year.  Obviously, we are still learning.  We have hundreds of bites to prove that sometimes we learn the hard way.  However before our illustrious hike we saw this interesting display on how to tie a million different types of knots.   We learned something else on this hike - none of us can tie a knot.

The entrance to "the hike from hell".  Upon entering we decided we needed to give one another Indian names in the spirit of being native and roughing it.  We would now only be known by our new names.  These names were to be chosen with care and deep thought knowing that they would indeed be a reflection of the person's character.

Daddy - a.ka. "Chief Balding Puma"  
This picture looked a little too much like Tip-Toeing Mischievous Puma 
so I asked him to give me his fiercest look and try again.

This is better.  This is indeed our fearless leader: Chief Balding Puma

Mommy - a.k.a - "Watches the Sky"
It's harder than you think to pick out a name from nature that accurately depicts 
what you like, your character, who you are.  I love sunsets and sunrises and thinking.
Apparently I look at the sky during all those times, so this name just kinda stuck.

 Gavin - a.k.a - "Thinks Out Loud"
To be literally accurate, his mouth should have been open in this picture.
Gavin spends most of his time thinking and the other half of his time talking VERY 
loudly about what he's thinking about.  So this one was a no-brainer.

Bennett - a.ka. - "Thunder Foot"
This was option 1.  He wasn't a big fan of it, didn't really want to commit to it.
He does in fact have the loudest foot falls you will ever hear.  I always forget that I 
don't have an elephant living upstairs, just Bennett.  He just loves to walk with all his might.

Bennett - a.k.a - "Strong Like Bull"
However, this is the name that eventually stuck.  We've called him this for a long time
actually.  We imitate that same motion to encourage him from the sidelines during
his basketball games.  We want him to remember that he is Strong Like Bull and can do hard things. 

Chloe - a.k.a - "Tumbleweed"
This little gymnast cartwheels more than she walks.  

Her name is perfect.

This is what happens when your children grow.
Plus, it was just a cool photo op of two handsome guys wearing the same shirt.

Blowing Kisses

6/17/2013 — cori
The other day Bennett tells me, "Mom, I don't think I'm ever going to be able to get married cuz I'll never be able to kiss a girl."

"Oh really?  Why's that Sweetie?"

"Cuz when you kiss you swap spit and I HATE other people's spit!"

"Ya.  That's going to be a problem.  I have an idea...how about you blow kisses to each other."

Then we commenced enacting Bennett's future wedding: And now the bride and groom may blow kisses to one another to show their eternal love.

"Honey, I have a feeling you'll probably get over this spit sharing thing one day.  Trust me."

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