Jul 17, 2019

Summer Job

7/17/2019 — cori

This summer Bennett found the exact perfect job for himself.

He is a coach for kids' summer sport camps!

It has been so fun listening to his stories everyday when he comes home. He always connects with a few kids at each camp. He definitely has a way with kids, they all love him. He's great at coming up with games/activities on the spot. He genuinely enjoys playing and being with the kids. He loves it when they look up to him and if one were to start talking about basketball...well, he's in heaven!  It's such a joy watching your kids find their niche. 

Some stories he's related are:

At a golf camp, one 5 year old little girl, Asher, spent most of the days pouring gobs of sunscreen all over herself. On the last day she said she was hot and asked if Bennett would go sit under the shade with her. Then she takes out her unicorn book and asks Bennett if he knows how to read. He answers in the affirmative. She then sits on his lap, leans her head on his shoulder and asks him to read her book. He gladly obliges. She constantly wanted to hold his hand and walk around with him the whole camp.

At a basketball camp, he had two proteges, Duke and Carter. According to Bennett, they both had skills and a love for the game as big as his. He would make sure they were always in his group. He would even cut their break time short so he and the boys could sneak back in the gym without the other kids knowing and do some one-on-one basketball. They spoke his language and brought joy to his heart. 

At a football camp, he met a little kid named Yusef who had zero desire or ability to play a sport but was hilarious and kept Bennett in stitches the whole time. The kid just couldn't catch a ball, but boy was he quick-witted, a skill Bennett values.

At a flag-football camp a kid found out he was a Cowboys fan and brought him a Romo football card the next day.

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