Aug 7, 2014

Guest Blogger

8/07/2014 — cori

Today's post is from my favorite 12 year old.   I just love his heart, the way he looks at the world and who he is.  He writes from his heart:

Random blog late at night
Some people are made to write.  Some people are just good at it.  Notice I saidsome people.  (:  My Mom isn't an author but her blogs are like, really long.  Every time I finish a good book, (I counted and I have read 14 books this summer!  All of them were good.) I think to myself how easy it is to write a book.  I have a way of doing things like that it my mind.  Like I think to myself, if someone had a gun against my head and ordered me to to twenty pull-ups, otherwise I would die, I usually just think, yeah I could do that if I had to.  In real life if that situating happened, I would be able to do two pull-ups, then I would die.  Happy thought.  I have a lot of awesome ideas for books in my head but when I try to write them, I get about one paragraph done and give up.  There would probably be a ton of good books written by well, me, if I had continued them.  To many ideas but I can't follow through.  (:  I think the reason I always think that I could do something hat I actually can't do is because of my Lymes Disease.  Now if you were talking about someone who had a life threatening disease, you wouldn't talk about me.  But if you were talking about someone who, every morning wakes up and literally feels like he played a hundred games of rugby during the night them got hit by a truck going 70 mph, you probably will be talking about me.  (: No joke.  Calling me sore would be a huge understatement.  But I'm not complaining.  A couple weeks ago, we went on a canoe ride.  If you have ever gone canoeing on a hot day in a metal canoe in the middle summer you know it's fun.  A couple weeks before that and even that day, I had been taking pills for Lyme's Disease (that didn't work) and one of the allergic reactions that I didn't read was to stay out of direct sunlight.  (:  ahhh, if you know me, you will see the irony.  Making me staying out of direct sunlight?  Are these people crazy?  (:  but I didn't see the note.  So of course after canoeing for a while, I felt a very unusual feeling in my hands so to speak.  First, cake the tingling.  Then came the stinging.  Then came the burning.  Then came the agony.  IT HURT A LOT!  I cried actually and to make me cry from physical pain is very rare.  My hand were on fire and there was nothing I could do.  So I endured the seven mile canoe ride with my hands on fire except with no fire.    It hurt for days afterwards and I still have scars and burns on my hands right now.  Two days later, it was just me and dad in the car and he was asking me questions about the burning in my hands.  We finally came to the subject of cancer patients.  He told me that people with cancer, the medication they take makes their whole body like that!  I am truly grateful and thankful.  My guardian angel knows me well and has been with me through every painful situation I have been through.  (A lot). And probably is so sick if taking some of my pain. (:  Every time I am in a painful situation I actually think of God.  Or my family.  I think of how loved and lucky I am and how good of a life I live.  I am a ground magnet, a human punching bag, and I am sure that one day I will get hurt really really really bad.  But I don't care.  I have God's love, my families love and that makes me so very happy.  No one has a bigger smile than me when I realize all this.  I didn't write this blog to brag about how hurt I am, or how much pain I have endured, or anything else.  Actually I don't know why I wrote this blog.  It is like 11pm and my mind doesn't work properly after about 9:30.  (:  I had an impulse to write a blog so I did.  I don't know if I have ever written a blog this long for no apparent reason.  I have realized who I am.  I am a kid with a big smile, a kid who loves God, a kid who has the best family ever and who doesn't know much more than that.  Goodnight I guess.  I'm tired but maybe you guys are reading this blog in the afternoon or morning.  So I will just say good morning.  Or good afternoon.  Or maybe you are so happy you just wrote a blog for no reason and are reading his blog late at night.  Well since I don't whether to say good day or goodnight, I will just say good.  Cuz God is good.

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