Mar 29, 2005

What Wu Dankful?

3/29/2005 — cori

We have this wonderful little tradition whenever we sit down to eat, we call it: doing our thankfuls. For whatever reason this is a VERY important thing to Bennett. He refuses to eat until we have said 'thankfuls'. Even if we are out in public, at someone else's house or just eating a snack...whenever we sit at a table you have to be thankful for something. He thinks everybody does this. He is always the first one to initate it as well. Some nights, I don't really feel like being thankful. But how can you say that to a little 3 year old who always has something to be thankful about, especially when he poses the question so sweet and innocently, "Mommy, what wu dankful bout?". I wouldn't be a very good role model if I responded with "nothing". But you know what, it always gets me out of my funk. It gets my mind off me and my little problem of the moment and reminds me that 'its not about me'. Thank you, Bennett, for always reminding me to be thankful - despite my circumstances.

Tonite, both boys could tell I was in a funk and decided that it would be a good time to pull out all the stops with their thankfuls. Bennett comes out with "I dankful wu my mommy" and reaches out to give me the sweetest hug. But mind you, this thankful came at a time when he didn't really want to eat anymore of the food on his plate like he was told. So, I'm not sure if he was trying to butter me up or what. But it started working immediately. What parent can resist when their child initiates the love - not me! Then, Gavin, seeing that the moment is ripe with opportunity, decides to be thankful for me as well (poor Daddy, nobody was thankful for him tonite - although, they were thankful for the steaks he cooked on the grill). Gavin did have all the food eaten off of his plate, unlike Bennett. He also comes over to give me a sweet hug then whispers in my ear, "I'm still hungry. What can I have?" I knew what he wanted (Cheetos), so I started giving him a list of typical mommy items such as an apple, more veggies, etc.. I then caved and let him have his Cheetos. Afterall, he was just thankful for me. :)

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