Apr 1, 2005

The Trials of Spelling

4/01/2005 — cori

I hope my credibility as a homeschool mom does not rest on the ability of my 6 year old's spelling prowess - because we have none!!! It doesn't matter how fun, interesting or creative I try to make spelling - it just doesn't sink in. Gavin can read any word on the page, yet he spells of , "uv". He can recite multiple interesting facts about Jupiter, yet he spells the planet "Jupdr". True, phonetically it is correct. I guess I can be thankful that he has a strong understanding of phonics.

Tonight Gavin was running, jumping and role-playing, as usual when out of the blue he yells, "I'm RBNHD". I asked "Who are you?" He thought he was being tricky by spelling it out for me. So he repeats, "I'm RBNHD". I just assumed it was some made up character like 'supergavin', the one he's been all day. But that assumption would be wrong. Come to find out later, he was spelling 'Robin Hood' for me. Maybe he could get a job as the person who spells out each word written out in parentheses after the real word in the dictionary.

Don't worry, you won't be seeing us at any spelling bees in the near future.

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