Jun 26, 2018

Longest Day of The Year

6/26/2018 — cori
It's no secret. We love summer. By "we" I mean, Chuck and me. The kids have to, by default, although not all of them do. But they are so used to us by now that they know we like to honor the beginning of summer and the longest day of the year by being outside as long as possible. This year was no exception. At least we're consistent. We've been doing this for years!

What better activity than another Dizzy Sports Battle! I know, right?! The last time we had a Dizzy Sports battle is was Christmas Eve day. There was snow everywhere and we were all bundled up in our winter gear. It was as hilarious as we imagined it would be. We got the idea from Dude Perfect.  We learned that it was equally fun without all the snow to cushion our falls. We went around the bat 10 times in the same direction and each time we had to do a different activity with a ball. The first time we had to kick a soccer ball. The second time, throw a frisbee. The third time, throw a football. I highly recommend it.

Then we moved over to the soccer field and all tried to shoot goals on Chuck. 

See...the evening couldn't have been more perfect. Blue skies, 76 degrees, 7 pm, and pure bliss.

Then we headed over to Culvers to cap the night with some delicious frozen custard.

The drive home treated us to a spectacular sunset.

I think we pulled off the road at least 3 times to take pictures at varying angles and degrees of the sun settings. We were so happy.

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