Mar 9, 2020


3/09/2020 — cori
My sweet girl made this for me months ago. I picked up my phone one day and saw this love note hidden inside it. It's now my favorite part of my phone.

Last month, when Chuck and I were traveling, I had my e-ticket on my phone. As we were boarding, I put my phone over the scanner where the attendant stands before letting you walk down the ramp to the plane. As I placed it over the scanner, the note side was facing up towards him. He said, "Yes you are" and smiled at me. I didn't catch on at first. Then I realized he was affirming Chloe's note. How kind was he?!

Little acts of random kindness really do make an impact that we never really know the ramifications of. Who knows, maybe that attendant went home and made a little note for his wife or kids. Love is the most beautiful when it's given away freely.


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