Nov 9, 2017

Learning New Things About Your Kids

11/09/2017 — cori
Recently we were talking about how sometimes we continue to say certain words wrong for years because that is the way we hear them. For instance...I said "bollyball" for volleyball until I was in COLLEGE!! Ridiculous, I know, but I must embrace it because it's who I am. (And to think I now teach others how to speak English - kind of ironic.)

I recently found out who got the "wrong sounding word" gene - Bennett. See that nice little blue shirt he's wearing in the picture below? I just found out that he has been calling that a "tink top" until just last year. I could not control my laughter. I had the giggles for hours afterwards each time I said that word. 

Then I learn something new about Gavin. Just this summer he told us that he missed the "Pope mobile". We were like, WHA?! (He gave it away before we moved since it would have died en route to CO.) He was like, "Ya, my friends named my car the Pope mobile ever since I starting driving it." We were like, "WHY?" And he was like, "Cuz it was white and I was driving it." I guess it was a compliment for Gavin. (Minnesotan's are very Catholic and Lutheran and place high regards on the Pope.) But why are we just now learning of this hilarious name 2 years late? I totally could have run with that this whole time had I known about it. I hope he gets another white car in the future.

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