Jul 6, 2007

Novel Idea

7/06/2007 — cori
Chloe and Bennett have both been enlightened on the exact same day. Their epiphanies came only seconds apart. They both felt the need to share their new found ideas with me. As we are walking through the grocery store, Bennett, in the loudest voice he can muster (because that's the only volume he talks at) informs me, "Mom, I like Chloe today!" Then he turns to the new object of his affection and proclaims in front of witnesses, "Chloe, I like you. Let's be friends."

Whew...what a relief. He has finally found a need for his sister in his life and the best part is, he has come to this conclusion all on his own.

Chloe is excited beyond words at his declaration of love and must also make her feelings known. She gets my attention by cranking up the volume of her already high pitched voice and exclaims, "Mommy, I yike Bennett. He my fwend. We're fwends, wight, Bennett? Let's hold hands." That seems to close the deal.

My heart can now rest easy that my two youngest have agreed to be friends...at least for today.

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