Aug 10, 2010

Long Live DUFDN

8/10/2010 — cori
All is alive and well on the DUFDN (dress up for dinner night) homefront. The theme this go around was 'anything from tv or movies'. You see, we're running out of themes, so we're grasping at straws here. This is what we came up with:

Chloe is proudly sporting the Super Target Logo as in one of their commercials

Gavin is is a reporter for the local Channel 8 News (love the comb mustache)

Bennett is one of the Unimind creatures from the Buzz Lightyear movie ("we are one")

Daddy is the NBC logo (again with the head gear)

I am a chef/judge on the Food Network channel (that is one
of the boys very old and small taekwondo jackets I'm squeezed into)

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