Feb 23, 2016


2/23/2016 — cori

As Gavin, Bennett and I were waiting at the Doctor's office yesterday we were making small talk (I've got to practice on someone). I was telling the boys how, many nights, as I lay there falling asleep I'm mentally composing an email I need to write or a blog post. I just can't find the "off" switch. Frustrating, right?! I need to relate to somebody. I asked Gavin, "Does the same thing happen to you?"

"No. I think about Quantum Physics and String Theory." he responds.

"Hmmmmm. Ya, I don't have that problem. Bennett, how about you?" I ask.

"I don't think."

There you have it. Us in a nutshell. The conversation was over and we went back to staring at the wall waiting for our name to be called.

( Huffington Post came out with a hilarious article just today about this very same phenomenon: 8 Illustrations Over-Thinkers Will Relate To On A Deep Level. )

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