Nov 4, 2019


11/04/2019 — cori

We tried so hard to come up with a fun activity to do on Bennett's birthday! We couldn't take him to another basketball game cuz we've done that like 3 other times. He's not a huge fan of golf. Football games are too expensive. We wracked our brains and then it finally dawned on us - squash!! Ever since Grandma and Grandpa taught him how to play squash, he's loved it. So I searched high and low and finally found one of only 2 places within an hour's drive of us that has squash courts. So we were up and out early this past Saturday to descend upon the University of Denver to play our little hearts out. We had the courts for 2 whole hours and we used every second of it.

The first match-up was Bennett and Mom. Bennett eeked out a win, but just barely. It was the last win he got against me. I ended up beating him (legitimately) 2 games to 1. 

It was a repeat story when Chuck and Bennett played. Chuck was up 2 to 1. This made him very happy as he is always on the losing end of the game when they play ping pong.

Bennett got his third and last win again Chloe. She was surely a good sport but her style of play is rather hilarious. She switches her racket from hand in order to avoid a backhand hit. She has a ballerina-esque quality to some of her moves across the court. It's fun to watch.

Chuck and I played some hard fought games, but each time, I came away the winner. I don't know how.

Chloe enjoyed looking like a squash player even though she lacked some of the necessary skills. Thankfully, she is learning how to laugh at herself. We had some good rallies even though I eventually won.

Let's just say it was hard to be Chloe on this day of play. She lost every game she played.

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