Jun 19, 2013


6/19/2013 — cori
Last night we were all out in the backyard slaving away.  Apparently, the lone cottonwood tree we have in the backyard decided it would shake it's self out similar to a wet dog.  It deposited all of its cotton in our back yard.  In clumps.  Looks like we took a down comforter, or twenty, cut a massive hole in them and then shook them all over.  That would be an accurate description of what our backyard looks like.

Chuck could stand it no more.  So after dinner we armed ourselves with rakes and started attempting to gather all the cotton together.  It looked more like we were trying to spread it out.  As we were working aimlessly on this important task,  Gavin - the one who despises work in any and all formats - tried to think of a way to do the work without having to think about the impossibility of gathering up cotton that just wants to float away.  So this is how he approaches the situation:  "Mom, let's talk about pros and cons."

"Of what?"

"I don't know, anything."

"That's too broad a topic for me Honey."

"Ok.  Let's talk about the pros and cons of flower while we work."

I thought he meant flour.  So I immediately had a con, "It's messy and goes everywhere."

"No. F-L-O-W-E-R. As in the colorful things in the ground."

"Oh."  Not really wanting to participate because I rather enjoy mindless raking activities, but in order to keep his creativity alive I muster up some thoughts to add to the discussion.  "Uh, a pro could be they are pretty."

Bennett adds, "Another pro is you can eat some of them. But a con is that some of them are poisonous."

Preferring to go with the pros I throw out, "But they sure do look pretty."

To which Gavin, apparently only wanting to contribute cons to this conversation, quickly adds, "Ya, but it takes work to plant and maintain them."

"Yes...there's that. I'm quite familiar with your stance on work."

Apparently he didn't like where this conversation was digressing to so he asked, "Mom, can I go get my ipod now?"

Thus ends our random, weird, out-of-the-blue, list of pros/cons of flowers as we worked.  I was once again able to regress back to the comfortable, mindless state of raking in peace during a beautiful, serene evening.

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