Sep 22, 2014

Just In Case

9/22/2014 — cori

After 'getting ready for the day' at 6:45am (meaning I put clothes on), I went back out to the kitchen to make some tea and spend some time with Gavin before he left for school.  I am attired in the typical fall fashion of a t-shirt and jeans.  As I'm making my way around the kitchen something just feels 'off' with my jeans but I can't figure out what it is.  I finally reach behind me, because the 'off' feeling was being generated from the back of my right side,  and pat my butt.  What do you know there is a wad of something inside my jeans.  How could I not know this?  I have been walking around for 30 minutes already with additional material stuck in my jeans.  My booty does NOT need any extra enhancement.  I do very well in that department all by my self.  So I do what any normal person would do next, I shove my hand down my pants and feel for the wad.  It's too late to back out now, I'm committed.  Gavin is watching and is curious.  Out comes my hand extra pair of panties. If Gavin was embarrassed, he didn't show it.   He even had the remarkable ability to make a snarky comment on my behalf, "Never know when you need an extra pair, huh Mom!".

This scenario would have been completely feasible and not at all surprising when my children were small and I barely had time to put make up on and brush my teeth all day.  I get it when it happens to moms of littles.  But me?  I pulled underwear out of my butt in front of my 15 year old!  Who does that?   And worst of all, I'm the one who does the laundry and puts everything away so I can't even blame Chuck for pulling a prank on me. It's my own clueless fault.  The only silver lining in this whole escapade is that I had not yet left the house.  Had I been walking around town with an extra pair of underwear shoved down my pants all day .... that definitely would have been worse.  

This brings back memories of the time I wore a dress backwards to work - all day long.  And I didn't even have kids yet.  Obviously it wasn't a nice fitted dress...rather the kind that were popular back in the late 90's that were long sundresses.  The only way to tell the front from the back was that the tag was in the back and the back came up a little higher while the front of the dress scooped down. Apparently I didn't bother to look for the tag that day.  I had many appointments with many clients that day plus an after work dinner party.  Talk about a confidence booster!  Fashionista - I am not.

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