Jan 21, 2018

A New Beginning

1/21/2018 — cori

Last week we moved into our new house after a long six month wait. But it was so worth it!

A must before entering our house. :)

We've spent the last week assembling every type of furniture imaginable. 

Chuck spent a lot of time on this ladder replacing approximately 5 light fixtures. We still have 7 more to go. Off with the old....

And up with the new!

We unpacked so many boxes. We had the kids off-loading all our boxes into the dumpsters at the active build sites around us. Of course, they found a way to make this mundane task super fun. At one point when I went out to the garage to check on them Bennett tells me, "Mom, I can't find Chloe." I obviously wasn't worried cuz I replied, "Well....she'll show up eventually." That was not the response they were hoping for. They wanted me to panic and look in all the boxes and then Chloe would jump out at me. I'm on to their adolescent ways...I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday.

Chloe couldn't be the only one having all the fun in a box. So Bennett fit himself into one as well. They were sure to save some for future fun as well. Way to plan ahead kids!

Just throwing the boxes in the dumpster isn't good enough. We wanted to hide them. So Bennett is smooshing down all the boxes in the dumpster per our request. It's fun being our kids. 

The very first morning I woke up in the new house I hurriedly checked out back for the sunrise and was greeted with this. I think sunrise might be my favorite time of the day.

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