Sep 30, 2015

Grammar Novice

9/30/2015 — cori

It's no secret that I have a lot of issues. They are outlined in great detail over the years through this lovely little medium. Guess what? I just found one more. Great. Like I needed another one to add to my stack. 

Apparently, grammar rules have changed since I was last in school and NO ONE TOLD ME! So unfair.

Of course I had to find out the hard way. So, I'm writing this paper and asked Chuck and Gavin to edit it for me. Chuck doesn't even scan it for two seconds when he's all like, "Why are you still adding two spaces after each period? Nobody does that anymore."

And I'm all like, "So why is this the first time I'm ever hearing about this? Are you serious?! People don't double space after periods?? Are you joking? Are you just messing with my brain? You know how gullible I am. I will believe you." I was incredulous. It was like someone just told me that we can now inhabit Mars.

How is this possible? How long has this new rule been in effect and I've been left out in the dark? How do you disseminate this type of information to the general populace no longer in school? How long would I have foolishly gone on double spacing after periods? People would now be able to take one look at my paragraphs and tell right off I was a grammar novice. I was clueless as to the new and improved and hipper grammar rules. 

It would appear that I grew up using the AMA Standard. Now MLA is all the rage. Whatever. I don't even know what those acronyms stand for. And to be honest...I don't even care. Who decides what rules we are supposed to use? Life is hard enough. Now I have to worry about spacing after periods. For the love! 

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