Nov 15, 2018


11/15/2018 — cori
Growing up, I always wished for a sister. Chloe did too. It has been such a joy watching her friendship blossom and grow with Brooke...her new sister. A neighbor had asked us if Chloe met the new girl in the neighborhood yet; of which, she hadn't. She had just been lamenting how there was no one her age in our neighborhood like there had been in Minnesota. And then Providence bestowed Brooke upon us. The timing was perfect.

These two spend every waking moment together on the weekends. They go to the same school. Are in the same grade. Have 2 classes together. And ride the bus home together. 

Brooke just moved here from Tennessee. She speaks with the cutest little southern drawl. She has the funniest sayings such as, "Sweet Baby Jesus!" when she's nervous, scared, or worried. She is a cartoon. She makes us laugh hysterically. She immediately started calling herself "Bennett's sister." We're still not sure why.

She is always like this - bubbly, smiley, happy.

And Chloe is thankful she can be herself around her. They bring out the best in each other.

They actually go out like this and don't even care.

They both LOVE makeup and adorning themselves.

Having a friend to still go trick-or-treating with is the best.

They spend ooodles of time riding around the neighborhood, exploring, while riding their bikes....

...dressed as a lion and penguin who also wear ski goggles for some reason. Sometimes the mode of transportation changes to scooters.

Having a sister to do all the goofy, fun, unimportant, mundane, exciting, scary, new things with is THE BEST! Brooke has made herself completely at home; from not taking any scruff from Chloe and telling her like it is, to plopping down on our bed at 10pm to say goodnight, to calling Chloe - Chlo, (the name of endearment from only her family), to playing games with us and not being scared by our loudness and competitiveness. She eats with us, plays with us, cooks with us, sits and talks with us....she's one of us. And I couldn't be happier with our new addition.  

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