Feb 5, 2006

I Spy

2/05/2006 — cori

One of the games we love to play in this crazy house is the old favorite, "I Spy With My Little Eye". It brings us hours of laughs and nail-biting anticipation. However, we play it with a twist. My beloved children prefer to play this game while in a moving vehicle. This brings the added dimension of fast speeds, moving objects and quick guessing.

Of course, Bennett receives credit for tweaking this off the wall version of “I Spy”. He’s not one to do things in the ‘traditional’ or ‘accepted’ manner. You could say he’s a sort of ‘buck the system’ kinda guy (a little like his mother).

Joyously, I play this game most days as we run errands. You can imagine my delight when Bennett mumbles out the famous line, “Mommy…I spy wif my wittle eye somfin….ummm…somfin…white.” Hmmm, let me see. Could it have been that object I passed just 10 seconds ago, that we can no longer see? Or is it the clouds…again. And I shant even so much as think about suggesting an item inside the car – that would be too predictable and thus, boring.

You see, the problem with making “I Spy” a portable game is that IT IS NOT PORTABLE! You are supposed to play this game while sitting still. Nothing around you should be moving. You are not supposed to pick objects 5 seconds behind you or 10 seconds ahead of you.

One day when he has a firmer grasp of the “I Spy Rules”, I shall attempt to make this a house game only. But until then, I have my ol’ stand by answers ready…the clouds, the sky, that light post, the stop sign, the tree or that red car over there.

The ONLY reason my son chose this game was to once again, mess with my already confused mind. I am loosing brain cells by the minute these days. And he knows it. He hits me where I’m weakest. How can a mother refuse to play a game with her child. She can’t. Even though this game drives me to the verge of insanity, I must play. Its called, unconditional love.

I know one day the tables will be turned. One day (far, far from now), I will be old and gray and Bennett will be driving me back and forth from doctor visit to doctor visit and a distant memory will come rushing back. That’s when I’ll blurt out, “Bennett, I spy with my little eye something…” And he’ll play with me, because he’ll remember that I played with him.

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