Jul 7, 2017

See You Later...Not Goodbye

7/07/2017 — cori

Over the horizon, around the bend
A glimpse of the future, a peak at the end
One chapter is over, a new one begins
No more "what ifs" or "might have beens"
Adventure awaits, we're excited to start
 The old always holding a place in our heart.

It can often be scary starting anew 
Sometimes fear takes a hold of you
Causing doubt to play its sound bite:
"What if nothing works out right?"
"What if I can't make any new friends?"
"What if we're wrong, what then?"
Fear of failure, risk and sorrow
Do not lead to happy tomorrows.

Having a dream and following your heart
Means taking a risk & making a new start
Living a life of no regrets
Doesn't mean there will be no upsets
But those you will learn to take in stride
As you understand the joy of how to abide
With what ever circumstances come your way
The excitement of life is in each new day.

Oh, the things we learned and how we grew
Minnesota we owe you our gratitude
For friends we made and people we met
These are the things we will never forget
For six long years we were more than blessed
With neighbors who were the very best
And family who lived close by
Leaving them behind makes us cry.

The journey of life is full of unknowns
How we react is the choice we must own
Excitement or fear; joy or sorrow
Shapes our attitude and all our tomorrows
I choose thankfulness for this adventure anew
And getting to share it with my favorite people, too
I'll take any path with them by my side
Living life fully with arms open wide
To new opportunities, adventures, and sights
I'm embracing life with all of my might!

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