Nov 6, 2015

A Small Water

11/06/2015 — cori

Chuck and I enjoyed a quick little lunch date today. I always order water with my lunch. After sitting at the table for a while Chuck asks me:

"Is that a small water?" as he's looking directly at my small water.

To which I instantly responded, "Yes."

Then he proceeds to get out of his seat, stand up, and reach for my small water.

I'm like, "What are you doing?!"

And he's all like, "I just asked you if you wanted some more water and you said yes."

I couldn't stop laughing. Upon regaining my composure I told him that I heard him say, "Is that a small water?".  And he's like, "Why would I ever say that? I said, 'Do you want some more water?'".

Obviously, he mumbles. There is just no other reason for such a dramatic departure from what he said to what I heard.

The stupid part of this whole "conversation", if you can even call it that, is that I answered such a ridiculous question. I guess I'm just used to talking in simple sentences with my students. It did seem a little odd for Chuck to want to talk like that, but hey, I never know what kind of weird mood he's in, I can just placate him.

This is just so typical of us....and we're not even old and senile yet. We talk in circles all the time! One of us thinks we heard something which really wasn't said, yet instead of saying 'what?', we just go with it.

We're so stupid.

He thinks I can't hear and talk too quietly. I think he mumbles and doesn't listen well. We're even. This is only the tip of the iceberg people. There are just too many instances like this to recount - I just happen to remember this one today.

I choose this as my thankful for today because it made us laugh so hard. And laughter is good for the soul.

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