Nov 1, 2015

Art Debut

11/01/2015 — cori

Ninja Nose
by Chloe Grace


11/01/2015 — cori

This sweet boy decided to join our family on October 31, 2001. It was the perfect day - granted, it was weird labor with all the nurses dressed up in costumes, but other than that, it was perfect. Bennett instantly stole my heart. It was love at first sight. He was the one who calmed my heart. Being my second baby, I was scared about how I was going to do it all now that I had two kids. How could I possibly love another child as much as I love Gavin my forlorn heart wondered. But I needn't have feared for I grew a whole other heart just for Bennett. And it was instantly filled with love for him. He was a goof-ball from the very beginning, filling our lives with constant laughter. He continues to play his role to perfection. At 14, he is a young man full of character and passion. He's passionate about basketball, learning and reading.  He still loves to hangout with us and chooses his friends wisely. He has always been all about basketball....that passion just increases exponentially by the day. 

His birthday present was spending the entire day at ValleyScare. It was a chilly day which worked to our advantage since hardly anyone was there. We walked right up to every ride. We were very unlame parents as we rode all the cool roller coasters (I backed out of only 1 simply because I love my life and didn't wish to die - thankfully, everyone else made it off the ride alive and we left soon afterward as we were all a wee bit queasy). It was such an awesome day! I'm so glad Bennett had a birthday today. They call it ValleyScare the whole month of October because they have haunted houses and such all around the park. None of those opened until 5pm and we were long gone by then. It was not our intention to get scared. We were going for a more celebratory mood.

However, when we got home, our age hit us like a brick wall and Chuck and I found ourselves laying on the floor in front of the fireplace (me with a heating pad to my neck) trying to recuperate from all that fun! It's hard to keep up with the kids. I was in a constant state of nausea the entire day. I don't recall the last time I spent so much time upside down and being thrown against a wall. It was a blast, but I'm fine if we wait another 14 years to experience it again.

And as is tradition, we got into costume and went trick-or-treating. Chuck and I are dressed for a Masquerade Ball. Bennett is just plain freaky. Chloe is a Japanese girl or a Medieval page (whichever you prefer) and her friend is a whacked out Little Red Riding Hood.

All in all, it was a full, exciting, fun day. I just love Halloween because, for us, it's a celebration of Bennett and all the joy, laughter and dressing up he brings into our lives.

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