Jul 19, 2016

You Know You're Bored When...

7/19/2016 — cori

These two crazies came up to me today and asked, "Mom, can we go ride our bikes around the neighborhood and get lost and try to find our way back?"

"Um...sure, I guess." What else could I say? This seemed like a good activity. Plus, they were coming up with their own plan instead of relying on me the All Time Event & Activities Coordinator (by the way, nobody ever told me that would be one of the hats I wore for this whole mom gig). Even I, the "planner" couldn't have come up with an activity this fun and exciting.  

I remember a couple of years ago when all the kids in the neighborhood were younger, everyone ended up at our house, bored out of their gourd asking me what they could do. So I came up with an indoor obstacle course. Yes. We were the party house. This was THE place to be on a boring summer afternoon. 

On their way out the door I couldn't help but contribute to their "fun" by suggesting they ride up to the convenience store for a slushy first. I scored major points for that one. 

No lame parenting today. I let my kids get lost and suggested they fill up on liquid sugar. Mom of the Year Award, here I come.

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