Sep 24, 2012

Continuing Education (for parents)

9/24/2012 — cori

Last week before everyone left for school/work we were just hanging around in the living room talking.  Chuck was lamenting about how the autumnal equinox was upon us.  Yes.  I know.  He actually used that exact phraseology.  He must have read it off his phone or something cuz that's not a phrase we go around speaking of very often.

He then asked, "I wonder what equinox means?" since we obviously already knew what autumnal meant.  It was early (pre 7am) and our conversations are never super deep this time of the day anyways, so this discussion was going nowhere fast.  We hemmed and hawed aloud together about possible meanings.  We kept throwing out lofty concepts like, "It probably has something to do with the sun" and "maybe it's about our position in relation to the sun".... ad nausium.

Mercifully, Gavin rescued us from embarrassing ourselves even further.  He interrupted our deep thought processes and in his loud, professor-like voice proceeded to instruct us lesser humans, "Uh, Mom, Dad.  It just means that on that one day the day and the night are equal to each other.  You have the same number of daylight hours as you do hours of darkness."

Chuck and I looked at each other and our eyes spoke volumes.  Thankfully, we didn't open our mouths.  We then told him it was time to go to school and gave him a big hug and shoved him out the door to go learn more stuff like that.

We will be ready when the spring equinox hits.  Trust me.

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