Jan 15, 2020

Wisdom Tooth Tale

1/15/2020 — cori

Bennett got all four of his wisdom teeth out this past Thursday. He was a trooper. When the Doctor called me back after the surgery, he and the nurse couldn't stop smiling. I'm sure the see and hear so many funny antics as the kids come out of their drug induced stupors. When I first saw him he gave me a high five when I asked him how he was doing. Then he gave the Doctor a high five. I imagine he was doing that a lot prior to my entering the room. As I was attempting to video him (while driving) he kept winking at my phone.

Some funny things he said on the way home while his mouth was stuffed with gauze that I had to interpret:
    • "I'm stronger than this"
    • "I want a burrito" 
    • "basketball" (at multiple random intervals)
    • "the office"
    • "they put codeine in the iv" 
    • "i woke up in the car"

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