May 31, 2007

Fuper Dirl

5/31/2007 — cori

I only have one does a sweet, little, dancey, princess girl suddenly morf into this:

"Fuper Dirl" aka "Fuper Fighder Dirl" aka "Fuper Mommy". Whatever happened to "Fuper Pincess"? The days of "Bay-el" are long gone. The brainwashing phase of the boys' superhero mentality is finally complete. She now realizes it's not good enough to be a super princess only adding a cape to a princess costume. really achieve superhero status, you must clad yourself in underwear, cape, tinker toy sword and batman mask. Chloe adds a bit of a fashion statement to her super persona with the fuzzy pink cape. I don't know that this would technically qualify as 'tom boy'. No, she is far from that. Is there really a definition for what we have going on here? Oh ya, one more thing the boys have taught her - how to have a 'mean face'. All superheroes must appear 'mean' at some point, you know, in order to let the bad guys know they mean business. The bad guys don't stand a chance with Chloe's face:

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