Aug 20, 2018

Chloe the Pirate

8/20/2018 — cori

We've had a running joke going for a while now about Chloe's future occupation. I think that I could never forget something as funny as this, but like all things, the memories and how they began fade with time. I definitely don't want to forget this hilarious tale involving Chloe and her grown-up job.

As with most of my stories, this one begins at the dinner table. I think Chuck was out of town because it was only Bennett, Chloe, and I at the table. Chloe was sharing her hopes and dreams and had just declared that she thinks she might want to be a pilot when she grows up. 

I don't have any idea why...maybe he was chewing when she said the word, maybe he was up to his usual antics, but Bennett immediately said, "You want to be a pirate?" like he genuinely thought that's what he heard.

I could not stop laughing. The visual image of Chloe as a pirate just hit me full on and I lost it. Chloe, of course, thought we were laughing at her. Literally, there were tears streaming down Bennett's and my face. His comedic timing is impeccable as always.

Because the kids used to watch VeggieTales when they were little, I already had her theme song picked out:

We are the pirates, who don't do anything
we stay home and lie around
and if you ask us to do anything
we'll just tell you: we don't do anything.

This is also very apropos because Chloe's favorite thing to do is lay on her bed and read. She has spent a large chunk of time this summer doing just that. I have no problem with it because kids need down time from their hectic school and after-school lives and reading is an awesome activity. But...sometimes she can become a little hermit-like. She readily admits that she really doesn't like to do anything. Thus, the perfect life song for her.

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