Oct 11, 2011

Hello Fall

10/11/2011 — cori
Now that we live in a state that has 4 seasons, we are enjoying the newness of watching trees change color, the leaves fall like rain gently from the trees, the sound of loud, crunchy leaves under our feet and the invigorating smell associated with fall. The best part is, Minnesota decided to initiate us into fall so thoughtfully. Instead of the weather being in the typical 50's for the past two and a half weeks, we have had Texas weather since fall began. They refer to it here as Summer Part II around here. But to me, this is what I'm used to for fall. It has been in the 80's and sunny. I couldn't be happier. Now I get the best of both worlds....my love of the heat and sun from Texas and my love of the beauty and smells of fall color.

My Obsession

10/11/2011 — cori
I just can't help it. I'm in awe of sunsets. If I am anywhere within view of these majestic settings, I have to stop whatever I'm doing and stand in awe. I've even pulled the car over on the side of the road to catch a few of these photos. I'm amazed that God would deliver a new piece of art each and every morning and evening that makes my heart full to overflowing with thankfulness.

This was one where I pulled over in order to admire the beauty.

This was taken at Chloe's horse lessons.

This was taken at a local lake where we went to play frisbee.
Frisbee was fun, but this was better.

The perfect way to end a day.
Focused on God and not myself.

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