Nov 12, 2007

Creativity or Boredom?

11/12/2007 — cori

So...we're in the car on the way to somewhere the other day. Bennett and Chloe are sitting together. They've got nothing to talk about, so Bennett decides it would be a great time to play a game. He asks Chloe, "Hey Chlo, you wanna play that game where you say 'yes' then I say 'no' then you say 'yes' then I say 'no' then you say 'yes' again and I say 'no', then we switch and I say 'yes' then you say 'no' then I say 'yes' then you say 'no' then I say 'yes' then you say 'no'?"

Did I really just hear what I thought I heard? He just confused Chloe so much she doesn't know whether to answer "yes" or "no" and what would happen if she did. Is this really a viable game option? Is this as much creativity as my children have in them? Is there any purpose in this game? Should I be worried?

But Chloe gleefully replies, "Okay, Bennett!!!" And then they're off with their 'yes/no' fun including giggles and all. They really think this is a game. Chloe even says, "Bennett, don't forget to tell me when it's my turn to say 'no'." You bettcha, he's all over that one! This is his game, his invention; he decides the rules and Chloe WILL follow them. It's not often the middle child gets to be the leader of the pack.

I just continue driving on as if everything is normal.

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