Apr 13, 2015

Preteen Party

4/13/2015 — cori

It's official - my baby is a pre-teen now.  Wow, eleven years have flown by!  I absolutely adore who Chloe is and the young lady she is maturing into.  This year we celebrated by having 7 girls take over the house all day and all night.  Yes, there was lots of screaming.  Yes, there were lots of giggles. Yes, there were lots of selfies.  Yes, there was lots of fun!

Here is the group prior to playing Murder in the Dark.  That wasn't the only game we played, but the most anticipated one by far.  Even Chuck and the boys participated.  Everyone put on dark garb to help hide in the dark better.  The funny thing was though, most of the girls were 'just a little, teeny-weeny bit scared of the dark' so we had to leave a few night lights on around the house - which totally defeats the purpose of the game.

After all the screaming excitement the girls were ready to bunker down for the night.  They squeezed themselves into a pretty tight corner....all the better for late night talks, I guess.

The next morning we went to Skateville so they could skate their little hearts out to really loud music. We did get lost twice on the way there adding to the sense of adventure for the girls. 

The girls seemed to love having Gavin and Bennett around.  Afterall, what preteen girl isn't in awe of teenage boys?  And the boys were great sports playing every game with them and even roller skating. But eventually they had to take a break from all the 'girliness' and get in some Minecraft time.

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