Mar 13, 2013

Hot Stuff

3/13/2013 — cori
Bennett gets easily embarrassed by how bright red his face gets when he plays sports.  He just can't help it, it's in his genes.  I was trying to comfort him about this fact one day when I told him, "Honey, don't worry about how red your face gets, it's in your genes.  You're just like Grandma.  You have her hot.....stuff."

You see, I wasn't exactly sure how to phrase what he had.  I didn't want to say he had Grandma's hot flashes cuz that is an entirely different animal.  And I'd already said "hot" so I had to finish with something.  "Stuff" was the only word that came to mind.  It's times like these that I wish I was one of those people who thought before they spoke.

All that to say, I was trying to encourage him that Grandma also gets very red in the face when she exerts herself physically as well.  Then he said, "Well, that's weird that it skipped a generation."  To which I replied, "It didn't.  I also have the hot stuff, Honey."  Then he's like, "Why have I never seen it?"  Good question.  I guess he never sees me physically exert myself.  Loser.

The next part will seem like I totally shifted gears and am telling a whole new story, which I am, but it ties together with the above story perfectly if you just read until the end.

So, after lunch, Bennett asks if he can have a sweet.  Remember, we try to only eat sweets on "S" days (which we fail miserably at).  He wants to know how many cookies he can have.  He normally phrases his question as, "So, can I have 1 or 4?"  I answer him with, "Honey, I think you're old enough to decide what is an adequate amount. You need to learn how to govern yourself.  I don't want you to turn into Grandpa." (all in jest - of course).

Here we need another explanation.  Grandpa is a self proclaimed "Cookie Monster" (as am I - another inherited genetic quality).  Ever since I was a little girl, if my Dad went to the store and bought a bag of cookies, he would finish them off that same day.  So if you wanted any you would have to eat them as soon as he opened the bag.  It got to the point that I would have to hide cookies in my room to eat at a later time if I didn't want Dad to find them.  Mom has confirmed these habits have extended into Dad's older years as well.   Sometimes Mom has to resort to hiding a bag of cookies if she wants to savor them over the next several days or weeks.  This is what I was warning Bennett about.  He needs to learn self restraint now or look what could happen to him.

Bennett told me, "Don't worry, Mom, I'm not like Grandpa, I'm like Grandma, I've got her hot stuff."

It's great having "Cookie Monster" and "Hot Stuff" for Grandparents!

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