Jun 30, 2004

Smarter than the equipment

6/30/2004 — cori

My brother has always told me…”Cori, you’ve gotta be smarter than the equipment” (that’s a tongue in cheek way of saying I’m not too bright – evidently). Well, I thought of him again today as I was changing the sheets on my king size bed.

I didn’t have much of a problem with the sheets, but those pillowcases – boy, are those a doozy! Could someone please tell me how in the world you are supposed to put on a king sized pillowcase properly? Maybe my method is flawed, but it’s all I know. First, I place the king size pillow under my neck. It hangs down past my knees. I actually took out my ruler and started measuring a few things here. The pillow is approx. 34 inches, my arms are only 24 inches long (give or take because of my fingers). Now I’m doing math in my head which makes me even more confused.

So then, I grab my king size pillow case and try to insert my pillow into it but I’m not getting anywhere. If I bend over so that I can reach the bottom of the pillow, then that only makes the problem worse because now I’ve made the pillow go down to the floor. So, here I am, bent over with a pillow under my neck, a huge pillowcase between my hands and trying to shove the pillow in a hole I can no longer see because I’m hunched over. I never had this problem with a standard size pillowcase. I never foresaw this problem when we considered buying a king size bed.

Oh, the problems of a domestic engineer. I can guarantee you’ll never encounter this type of problem in corporate America. No wonder I’m exhausted by time my husband comes home every night. Don’t worry, I finally got the pillow into the pillowcase, I just had to wake my 5 year old son up from his nap to help me….no, seriously, I ended up folding the pillow in half, holding onto the pillowcase with one hand, while shoving the pillow into the case with the other. It took a few minutes of deductive reasoning, but I figured it out and am glad I can be of assistance to anyone else who may encounter this problem. I’m glad some of my college courses are coming in handy again.

Is it me or is life just funny

6/30/2004 — cori

I came across an old journal entry dated Oct. 13, 2003 and came to the realization that funny stuff just happens all around me all the time - its such an odd coincidence. This particular entry proves that its not in having the 3 kids that makes the events in my life seem, shall we say "harried". Crazy things were happening way before Chloe was born. It's either the kids or me. You know what, I don't think I'd want to see life any other way. These silly lenses that I seem to see the world through make each day an adventure and a joy. Here, let me share that old journal entry with you and see if you come to the same conclusion....

I thought this day an insightful one to record based on a few incidents that occurred throughout the day. The first one being, my children begging to take a bath this morning...hmm I think to myself, that's odd. I just gave them a bath last night and it definitely wasn't the highlight of their day. But then again, how can a mother turn down children who want to be clean. So I acquiesce. Bad idea. For the umpteenth time, Bennett my almost two year old, for lack of a better word, pooped in MY tub. Oh yeah, that was the clincher...they wanted a bath in Mommy's tub. My haven, my quiet place, my place of serenity now has poop in it - ugh!!!! So, I immediately and ever so gently as not to hurt his developing psyche, inform him that we only poop in the potty. That was just the first hour.

Surprisingly , the rest of the day is quite "normal" at least for us. Until right as I'm starting dinner - then everything falls to pieces. First, it's Monday night and I normally leave as soon as Chuck gets home so that I can get to my volunteer place on time. So dinner is always rushed. Tonite it's BLT's. I've just cut up two tomatoes, an integral part of my BLTs and I see Gavin over there munching on them. I try not to act too upset since he's actually eating something healthy, but inform him that it's part of dinner and to please drop it immediately - thank you. Then, as I'm talking to my mom on the phone, I see Bennett spraying something on his bike. He doesn't own anything that sprays - so it must be mine. He has gotten the Fantastic spray bottle out from under the sink and is spraying his bike "clean". Did I mention that the solution is orange and his bike is sitting atop my white carpet? Then he has my dusting rag out to wipe his bike down with. Obviously I have not done a good job as a mother explaining that the dusting rag is only used with Pledge.

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