Oct 14, 2019

Diffy Q for Dummies

10/14/2019 — cori

This is a picture of Gavin we took while we were FaceTiming. He has always loved sharing what he's learning with us, especially math. Even though he knows we won't understand it, he still likes walking us through hard problems just to show us the amount of complexity and thought that is involved. After sitting there watching him work through one problem, we were in awe of the thought process it takes to "solve" these seemingly unsolvable problems.

Math has always fascinated Gavin. In Kindergarten, he was showing me alternative ways of addition. I didn't know there was more than one way. When you see the world in patterns, math makes much more sense. He speaks math very well. He also is very good at explaining math. In 5th grade he told me, "Mom, I think more kids would like math if they saw the real world applications of it." I think he likes the order and logic of it. 

On this particular call, he was walking us through one problem from his Differential Equations class (Diffy Q as all cool kids say). I don't even know what that means. To better understand Chuck's and my level of math comprehension/ability, imagine someone reading a math problem and then drawing a picture of it. That's us. We have to literally draw a picture in order to solve a problem. So when you're dealing with abstract math concepts that only involve letters and no numbers in the equation, you can imagine our utter confusion. There are no pictures to draw. 

Here are some fun videos we took while we were getting schooled in differential equations. Enjoy.

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