Jul 30, 2007

A Moment In Time

7/30/2007 — cori

This is the most precious of times to me
the ages of 8 and 5 and 3.

Time will not stop and let me treasure it more
so I will write down my feelings like never before.

I want my children to remember what fun we had,
what an honor it is to be their mom and dad.

Life is so simple and pure and sweet,
like when Chloe decides to rub my weary feet.

Or when Bennett so timely lets me know:
"Have I told you how pretty you look today, Mommy?
I don't think so."

I love it when Gavin comes up behind me and hugs me so tight
to show me he loves me with all of his might.

He always offers to pump my gas,
I never even have to ask.

Bennett loves to write words upon my back
and giggles aloud as he spells the word "rat".

Chloe is awed with pictures of me
back when I was a bride at 23.

They don't know how adorable they look
saving the world from evil crooks,
dressed in only their underwear and a cape.
Their imaginations are soaring as I watch them make
weapons and umbrellas out of tinker toys,
special necessities for girls and boys.

I love how the boys play so well together.
I pray their relationship will last forever.

Bennett's heart is so sensitive, he loves everyone.
He feels bad for people who are not not having fun.

He also loves girls and likes telling them so.
Gavin's desire to learn more and to know
all the answers to life's questions blow my mind.
I love teaching and guiding him and watching him find
his passion for things that he wants to know more,
like science and history and computers galore.

Chloe's attention to detail at three
never ceases to amaze me.

Each day she says this more and more,
"Mommy, what can I help you for?"

Our times at the dinner table each and every night
remind me of laughter and thankfuls and eyes filled with light.

God, thank you for showing your love to me
by giving me each child, one, two and three.

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