Jun 7, 2009

An Accident Waiting To Happen

6/07/2009 — cori

That's my Bennett boy! If someone can get hurt doing anything...9 times out of 10 it will always be Bennett. That's why we weren't surprised, while on vacation recently, that Bennett called me into the bathroom in tears.

How about I set the scene first. We were in a very nice Hampton Inn. We had just come back from being out all day and were all relaxing in various parts of the room. Bennett just happened to be in the bathroom during this time. When all of the sudden I hear his little piggy squeal and know something happened. I figured he just closed the door on his finger. How else could one get hurt in a bathroom?

Turns out he was getting up from the toilet and bumped his head on the vanity (evidently he was looking down while standing up). This startled him so much that he decided to sit back down to rub his head and have a good cry. That's when he fell into the toilet. And no, he hadn't closed the lid yet or even flushed.

I run in there, not knowing what to expect, but knowing he needed my comforting. As he's standing there crying and explaining what happened, all I could do was laugh - there was no hiding it. As he was talking, he was trying harder to cry than laugh as well. It sounded absurd even to him.

I asked him if his pants got wet. He was still standing there just holding his head looking forlorn. He turned around to show me - it looked as if he just jumped into the pool with his clothes on. I told him I couldn't hug him until his 'potty pants' were off. He finally was able to laugh at the whole event, even though he was madder than heck.

Seriously, who does this happen to? I've NEVER heard of someone bumping their head and then immediately falling INTO the potty.

Then, as if I needed bonus material, the next day he was walking back into the hotel with daddy from the parking area outside the hotel. It had an automatic arm that let cars in and out. Guess who was walking unaware, with his head down, watching his feet and not what was in front of him? Yep...Bennett boy. Conveniently for him, he's the exact height of the automatic arm. He walks dead center into it. Once again, Chuck hears the piggy squeal (Bennett's cries) and turns around to see him holding his head. He can't figure out what could have happened. As Bennett explains, Chuck is desperately trying to show compassion while laughing his head off.

Just the other day we were all reading the warning sign posted on this automatic arm and joking about how anyone could ever not see it coming and get hurt by it. It even warned that it could bonk you in the head and showed a little graphic. We thought it hilarious. And of course, it happened to Bennett.

I think I need to attach a warning sign on Bennett: "Watch Out - I Could Get Hurt At Any Minute For No Reason".

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