Mar 30, 2005

Do Bees Pee?

3/30/2005 — cori

That is the question I was presented with from Bennett this morning. Nice way to start the day, huh? We were having a nice little time reading about animals that live in the desert when out of nowhere Bennett asks me, "Mommy, do bees pee?" This answer was not in the book nor was it in my cirriculum notes. Hmmm, what to do...I know, call Daddy! So, I go call Daddy and he shares all his bee wisdom with me. He asks me, "Do they drink?" I answer, "I think so". "Well then," the wise one says, "they must pee." I knew that answer wouldn't fly with the boys. The next logical question would be "where". No help there, now what do I do? Like any good parent/teacher would do, I admitted that I had no clue but would research that topic and get back to him. When I was 3, not once did I think of asking if bees pee. Goodness, I never even thought to ask that question as a grown-up. But I guess someone, somewhere has and I will find out and get back to you with the correct answer!

ANSWER: Can you believe that bees don't pee?! My research consisted of going on-line ( and typing in the question: do bee's pee? Where was this site when I was in college???

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