Feb 9, 2011


2/09/2011 — cori
These are genius toys. My kids cannot get enough of them. And they can play together with them for hours on end. I love how they each choose to set up little stories with the pieces they have. And of course those stories are so in line with each of their unique personalities. It's something I never want to forget. They trade pieces all the time. None of them have a complete set anymore, yet they're all thrilled with what they have because it helps tell their "story" even better. Whenever I check in on them while they're playing, I end up with an earful about what's going on. It's funny, they seem to be playing separately, together. And they like this set-up.

Chloe, my little horse lover, made a horse ranch.
There's even an outdoor kitchen and a horse instructor.

Bennett always sets his castle up on Chloe's dresser. His stories are just one big joke. Notice the king sleeping on the hospital bed, the scary knight next to the baby cradle, the queen dusting her clamshell and last but not least, the Bioncle statue. Typical Bennett.

Gavin has set up a little Medieval Marketplace. He has a blacksmith fixing all the broken armor, a livery, a peddler, clothes-maker and two men in stocks.

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