Dec 10, 2012

Forty Looks Good On You

12/10/2012 — cori

I never imagined this day would come
when you look back at where we came from
Two little kids, twelve years old
No one could envision the story our lives have told
Best friends from the beginning, that is true
You liked me and I liked you
Who would have thought we'd become real adults
with mortgages and kids and wider notches on belts
You're still the same you, I'm still the same me
But I think I like you better at forty
Our love is much deeper 
I know your heart better 
Your jokes are much funnier
You've grown so much smarter
Your heart is more tender
Your shoulders much stronger
Your hair, a little shorter
Your waist a little wider
Your smile a little brighter
But your eyes remain the same beautiful blue
The ones I looked at and knew love was true
Back when we were twelve and had no clue
That you'd end up with me and I'd end up with you.

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