Feb 7, 2009

Daddy/Daughter Dance

2/07/2009 — cori
This was to be the night of all nights for Chloe. This was, in her mind, the culmination of all she's lived for these past 4 1/2 years. She had this piece of paper safely tucked under her pillow every night for the past week. She memorized every word on it. She read it to her stuffed animals. She brought it outside to show her friends. She read it to me every night for a week. It may as well have been a year we made her wait. There were so many preparations to make. Instantly, she wanted to know what she should wear. When can we lay it out? How should we do my hair? What are we going to eat? What if I toot? Real princesses aren't supposed to toot.Excuse me? She said, "Mommy, what if I'm at my Daddy/Daughter Dance and I toot?" I'm surprised this is even a question. "Honey. Just because you feel like you have to toot, doesn't mean you have to do it right then and there. You may go to the bathroom to toot." I can't believe our parenting has been so vague in this area. So all week long she'd come running up to me holding her butt saying, "I'm trying not to toot, Mom." Great, Honey. I'm so proud of you. Thankfully, all her fears were for naught. All her 'practicing' paid off.

Every dance she ever attends will now be measure next to this one. Any boy, will forever be compared to her Daddy who adored her all night long and danced the night away with his princess. I'm so thankful Chuck took the time to do this with her.

The right outfit was paramount. She chose a 'Real Princess' dress for this formal occasion. This was her 'ball' after all. Chuck said they even had a red carpet lining the walkway up to the recreation center that they decked out specially for the occasion. When he asked her to help him pick out his tie, she was giddy to see he owned a pink one. How perfect! It would match her dress perfectly. But instead of choosing that one, she chose a dark colored tie. We asked her why and she said, "What if all the other Daddies make fun of you Daddy because you're wearing a pink tie?" Fashion conscious, yes. But making sure her Daddy doesn't feel bad was more important than matching. He assured her that nobody would make fun of him and she was thrilled to have him wear his pink tie!

I think her favorite part was the pink rose Chuck gave her before they left. It was supposed to be pinned on her dress...but we didn't have a safety pin big enough. So she carried it around with her all night. This is love to a 4 year old!

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