Nov 25, 2014

So Big

11/25/2014 — cori

I know this is the worst quality photo, but what it captures is priceless.  As I was dropping Chloe off at school today it struck me how grown up she is becoming.  She's started bringing a thermos of hot tea with her every morning to drink on the bus (if we had coffee in this house, I'm sure she would prefer that).  She carries a messenger bag now instead of a back-pack.  Cool matters.  And because this is Minnesota, you always have to carry your winter gear with you back and forth to school, thus the green Half-Price bag that holds her boots and snow pants. 

Since it felt like zero degrees this morning and I had the day off, I offered to take the kids to school.  I just love where Chloe goes to school.  It is a new school housed in a very old building (circa 1961). Both Chloe and I love this.  We both adore the 'old smell', the creaky wood floors, all the history surrounding you as you walk the halls.  She comes home every day saying how much she loves school.  And it's not just that she gets to see her friends.  She loves the freedom to learn at her own pace at this school; to pursue projects and experiments of her own choosing.  She loves how most of the other kids who attend also are self-driven to learn.  She loves the respect the teachers show the kids and in turn, the kids adore and respect the teachers.

This grainy, phone snap-shot captures more than Chloe walking into captures all the things she loves at 10 years old. doesn't capture her horse Beauty... I have another picture for that, but pretty much everything else. 

The other love of Chloe's life...Beauty - and yes, she is black.   And yet another blurry photo.

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