Mar 31, 2015

Nertz Champion

3/31/2015 — cori

For years now that has been my coveted title.  I owned it.  No one could take it from me.  Oh how far I have fallen!  Now my 10 year old is beating me in Nertz.  Not only did she beat me, I came in dead last.

I originally made the crown as a joke for Gavin.  He has started winning at my favorite card game for a while now.  I am not a good loser.  I call him Cheater-head. This is my ONE THING.  I'm not good at very many I hold on tight to this title.  Apparently, I have been holding on too tight and it has slipped through my fingers.

The other night we stood around the island playing our beloved/hated game.  Yes, it is a true love/hate relationship we all have with this game of speed and luck.  I told Gavin that if he was going to beat me consistently, then he would have to wear the "Nertz Champion" crown the entire game.  I thought this would mentally throw him off his game.

Apparently, the goal of achieving a crown to wear was all the incentive Chloe needed to take her game up to the next level and whip all of us.  She achieved something that none of us has ever achieved:  she called Nertz every single hand.  That is huge people!  No one calls Nertz on every hand.  And she did this all while being 10 years old.

She wore her crown while taking her bath, as soon as she got up the next morning, to breakfast.  She would have worn it outside to play if it hadn't been so windy.  She knows how important this title is and she is rockin that crown.  She deserves it.

I'm a Nertz has been now.  My career is ruined.  See what happens when you play with your kids.

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