Feb 22, 2006

I Live in Superheroville

2/22/2006 — cori

In the past week, I’ve run into no less than 4 new superheroes residing at my house. Unbelievable, I know. Not only do I get to meet all these amazingly interesting and talented creatures, I am also privy to all their tales of heroism. Here is just a sampling of the ‘amazing but true’ news flashes I hear on a daily basis.

Humanknight (invented by Gavin) has now made himself known to mankind. We should all be humbled by his abilities and prowess. Can you believe he has claws for climbing buildings and ropes cascading out of his hands. But, alas, those are not even his super powers (which happen to be super vision and super strength).

The other day, Bennett introduced me to Waterman. He took a Crayola marker out of the ‘junk’ drawer in the kitchen (thank God it was of the washable variety – I also have several permanent markers in there – note to self: remove all permanent markers out of reach of the children). He then proceeded to draw a what appeared to be a mini hurricane all over his chest. He informed me that this was Waterman’s logo. “Oh, how inventive”, I replied. I’m not quite sure what powers he possessed. I was still quite taken back by the red logo all over his upper torso, that I blanked out during the super-power speech he gave.

Not to be outdone, Chloe has also joined the ranks of super heroine. She too, comes to me with red marker in hand and in her own language, begs for a ‘logo’. Most often she prefers “Super Chloe” which is an SG with a heart enclosing it. Chuck felt she needed a little variety in her heroine choices and has now given her the option of “Super Star Girl”. This logo is just a simple shining (bright red) star in the middle of her upper torso.

The theme here is logos. You cannot be a real superhero without having a real logo to back up your claim. My children, at tender young ages, have come to appreciate a good logo and know the importance and necessity of one as well.

The other heroes I met in Superheroville include, Lightning-Star Man. He is special because he travels on lightning and stars (who would have guessed?). Bennett informed me that his costume is very similar to Captain America’s so I should be careful not to confuse the two.

Gavin also introduced me to Icicle I Zill. It was a very brief meeting, so I’m not up to speed on all his super skills. I’m assuming they involve ice in some way, though. Batman, Spiderman and Superman are regulars here and need no introduction. However, sometimes some of the other random superheroes borrow their costumes when they’re at a creative loss.

Last, but definitely not least, are SuperGavin & SuperBennett. Ah, what to say about these two characters. Can you believe they even possess their super powers when they are still mere humans? They never cease to amaze me. SuperGavin has a dark blue uniform with a light blue SG logo. SuperBennett has a purple costume.

Well, that’s a little inside peek into my world. Come again, anytime. But you better make sure to have an acceptable logo.

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