Apr 9, 2010

Down on the Farm

4/09/2010 — cori
We had a few guests join us in dressing up for dinner this particular night. We have so much fun doing it as a family, now we enjoy suckering...I mean, sharing the joy with those around us who might not have experienced dinner in such a manner before. Chuck was a duck...but we can't seem to find photographic evidence of that at the moment.

Bennett the cow - those are not horns taped to his head, they are ears

Chloe the bunny without a bushy tail but with a collar

Karen the sheep - not to be confused with Little Bo Peep

Me the silo

John the dairy cow - he has horns and udders but no ears

Nana the rooster/chicken - a rooster because of the comb; a chicken because of the breast

Gavin the weed - ingenious if you ask me, but I'm just a silo, so what do I know

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