Jul 13, 2016

Hammock Time

7/13/2016 — cori

How Chloe and Bennett spend most every day. They lay on the hammock and giggle, tickle, talk as well as try to push each other off. I don't know who treasures this time more; me or them.

First Ever Mallott Family Smasting

7/13/2016 — cori

We have spent the summer watching and laughing hysterically at these two crazy people - Rhett and Linc from "Good Mythical Morning" on YouTube. Hilarious! They do crazy stunts, silly ridiculous songs and eat every & anything given to them. Thus, their certain brand of humor is very popular with the teenagers amongst us. And I have to admit, I have sometimes laughed till I cried with some of their stupid antics.

They invented "Smasting" - smelling and tasting at the same time. After watching this video we (meaning me) had the rather brilliant idea of doing our own Mallot Family Smasting. Hey, it's summer, we're bored, we have ALOT of extra time on our hands and it's fun. Thus the idea was borne into our collective heads. The kids agreed and it was game on. In order to fully appreciate the depth of what I put my family through (I was not about to participate in such a dastardly activity involving food), take few minutes to watch this video:

Crazy, hilarious, stupid, ridiculous, awesome, fun all rolled up into one - right?!

Now it was our turn. Here is the list of ingredients my subjects had to smaste. The smell was on the cotton ball (except for #5 where it's on a spoon). They had to proceed simultaneously with the smelling and tasting. I had to alter the original smasting method since we weren't lucky enough to own visors. So we wrapped dad's socks around our eyes and used both our hands. This method seems to work just as well.

Here are the smasters.

Game Idea

7/13/2016 — cori

Bennett has spent much time this summer sitting and thinking about what to do. Here's an example of a game idea he came up with yesterday:

"Hey, I have an idea...why don't we all go around the room and say a number until we run out of numbers."

*head shaking*

Bennett, Bennett, Bennett....what are we to do with you?!

Welcome to my summer.

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