Sep 3, 2013


9/03/2013 — cori
I could live in an endless summer if that means my kids are always home, it's always sunny and hot out and we have ample books and outdoor activities to keep us going.  Throw a few road trips in there and I'm completely sold.  The problem is, I just love being with my kids so much that when school starts again every year like it always does, I get so lonely.  All my playmates are gone.   All peeps find new peeps to hang with.  Those 3 months of summer are always my favorite.  I'm thrilled that my kids are so excited to go to school and that they love to learn and they get ample opportunities to love other people...I just wish I could do it with them.  I guess it's best to yank the band-aid off fast, so that's what today was for was like a band-aid being ripped off my body fast and furious.  It's all good though.  I survived.  My kids are on cloud 9 each in their respective schools.  We've got one at each: Elementary, Middle and High School.  I've got a lot to be thankful for.  I like to take a picture with the kids on the first day of school to document that I'm shrinking in height.  Each of them have grown so much.  By the end of this school year, I might just be the shortest one.

Chloe the 4th grader who is already in love with her teacher.

Bennett the 6th grader.  
He was so proud to tell us that he only got lost twice today.  

Gavin the 9th grader.  
He has finally discovered his sense of style and I couldn't be happier.

It was so sweet to hear a little knock on our door at 7am from our sweet neighbor Jenna.  She is like a sister to Chloe.  She just stopped by to wish Chloe a wonderful first day of school.  Is that a friend or what?!  And then she walked with Bennett to their bus stop and looked out for him at school today.  I wish I'd taken a picture with Jenna too cuz she's like my own child.  

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