Oct 15, 2015

Tired Prayer

10/15/2015 — cori

The other night at dinner (seriously... have we counted how many of my blogs start with that?!? I need to get a better opening line) I was sooooo tired. Unnaturally tired. Fall asleep at the table tired. Chuck was out of town (of course). I barely got food to the table (I don't even remember cooking). The kids and I sat down and I asked, "So, who wants to text tonight?"

Yes. I asked my children who wanted to text God instead of who wanted to say the blessing.

Need I go further? That describes my exhausted mental state. 

Nobody could tell if I was being sacrilegious, mocking prayer, inventing a new way to do our nightly dinner blessing or if I was truly out of my mind. There were snickers but no outright laughter right away.

Then Bennett mimics an "air text" while saying, "To: God....THX, praying hands, slice of pizza, smilely face, LOL.

That's when we lost it. 

At least we still had thankful hearts.

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