Jul 29, 2014

Proverbs By Bennett

7/29/2014 — cori

Sometimes Bennett comes up with the craziest things.  Lately it has been his 'proverbs'.  He likes to put on the air of a wise old man and say in a most humble, serious voice, "I'd like to share a wise saying with  you..." and so it goes.  Here are some of the 'wise sayings' I am subjected to day in and day out:

Sometimes a one-eyed cow can see things a two-eyed cow can't.

Sometimes there are cracked potato chips and whole potato chips.  The cracked ones sacrifice themselves so others can eat a whole potato chip.

Sometimes to make an omelet, many eggs have to crack.

Sometimes a light bulb can lead to light, like the light in the refrigerator when you're getting chocolate milk.

Must I go on?  You see the theme here, don't you?  Food.  He has all his major, life revelations around food.

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