Jun 10, 2010

Prim and Proper

6/10/2010 — cori

As we're getting ready for the day, Chloe comes into my bathroom and asks me what the weather is going to be. It's summer. It's Texas. It's going to be hot. It doesn't really matter what the actual temperature will be - hot just about covers all of them.

Since meteorologist is one of the many hats I wear in this job, I informed her of the temperature highs and lows for the day, the chance of rainfall and the level of humidity. I decided to leave barometric pressure changes out of my monologue since it really doesn't affect one's clothing choice for the day.

She sits there staring up at me hugging herself, with dreamy eyes she laments, "Oh Mommy, I was longing to wear something warm and cozy today."

Hello Jane Austen, what did you do with my Chloe?

The girl speaks as though she's jumped out of Little Women or Sense and Sensibility.

What six year old longs to do anything?

Her vocabulary at this age is astounding and she loves using it on me. Not that "longs" is a big, hard word, but the context and manner of her speech placed it in just the right place at the right time.

Oh my, I'm growing me a little idealist. Welcome to the club my darling. My name is Mommy and I've been longing for you to join me.


6/10/2010 — cori

This morning I was trying to carry on a conversation with Chloe and Bennett while also trying to read something on the computer. This is not something one should try multitasking with.

Chloe asked me a question and I didn't totally hear her (of course), so I responded with, "What Punk?"

It only took me 2 minutes to realize what I said. Then I had to backtrack to try to explain my name calling. I always call her Punkin. Obviously, in my distracted state, I felt shortening this to "Punk" was appropriate. Not. Do not call you children Punk. It does not sit well with them.

Then I'm stammering all over myself trying to fix my distracted error and I start calling her my "Sweet Punk". Bennett sees only hilarity in this whole, disheveled event. I on the other hand am walking around with my imaginary tail between my legs feeling awful to trying to multitask a conversation with my children.

Step away from the computer, Mommy. Now.

From now on, any one who talks to me has my undivided attention. However, if I ever slip up and call you "Punk", please don't take it personally, I was just falling back into the error of my ways and trying to be too efficient with my time.

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