Jun 15, 2012

The Canoe Trip

6/15/2012 — cori

I shall describe this adventure using mostly pictures and few words since it is the pictures that tell the story best:
 We arrive at the beautiful, calm St. Croix river and secure two canoes for our 7 mile trek.

These are the beginnings of the bluffs we pass.

 Such beautiful rock formations all along this river.

Could there be a more beautiful backdrop?

This was my crew.  Lucky for us, Gavin was the one "steering the ship". 
He had the audacity to tell me I was being a "backseat driver".  However, I must point out, my beloved son has never before "steered" anything and needed many, many pointers in the fine art of how to move a boat and use an oar.  Plus, I was in the front seat.

The was Chuck's crew.  He got "The Chloe's".  Our sweet neighbor girl joined us to even out the boy to girl ratio.  They kept their eyes peeled for all the awesome wildlife we saw throughout the day.  We actually saw a beaver and he even hit his tail against the water.

Chuck and I had a chance to ride together for a bit while the kids were playing on the sand dune.  
This picture shows the perspective of how huge some of the bluffs were.

And this picture shows that we obviously don't know how to steer.  We rammed right into the cliff.  Lucky for us, neither the cliff, nor our canoe sustained any damages.  Thankfully, Gavin chose to take this picture at just the right time to document our canoeing prowess.

My husband the Oarist.  He fancies himself an excellent 'oarer'.  But we didn't feel that word actually summed up the entirety of his skill set.  So we deemed him a professional oarist instead.  Remember, this is the same one who drove us directly in to the cliff face in the above picture....I'm just sayin...

The sand dune.

An example of the fun you can have while on a sand dune.

The only one of us to come out of the water with a leach attached.
What is it with the blood sucking animal life in Minnesota?  

Such a peaceful way to spend the day.

Reflecting on our fun time exploring the St. Croix by canoe.

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